Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Moving Needle

The moving needle knits, and having knit, moves on….

I checked my Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (everyone has one of those, right?  Next to their thesaurus and their etymological dictionary?  Where are my nerds?)

The original quote is, "The Moving Finger writes; and having writ, moves on."  -- Edward Fitzgerald, from The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

The point (no needle pun intended) is, I am taking a sabbatical from teaching in order to spend more time with my stash.

I'll be designing and writing more, and I plan to give away many more patterns here on the blog, and sell more in my Etsy shop, YIYO Designs.  I have quite a few new ones that just need typing up.

As far as the supposed loss of income from teaching, let's face it, my working in a yarn and fabric shop is like an alcoholic working in a liquor store.  I'm sure I spent my whole paycheck and then some.  I can't afford to work there!

Even with 20 or so projects in the works, it's hard to resist the urge to start more:  I definitely have a case of startitis.  Plus, I keep taking classes and learning new skills, which always requires starting something new.

At least I "finished" the sample of hand quilting from the class I took a week and a half ago.  Well, it isn't a finished quilt, and I may add a lot more to it, but for now, it's done.  I practiced the hand quilting and actually enjoyed it.  It's meditative.  Having a good teacher makes all the difference (thank you, Dee!)

So glad other people are willing to keep teaching!

I'm also taking a series of classes on the Underground Railroad sampler quilt.  I'm making a scrappy square before each class just to test myself and see if I can understand the directions.

Quilting directions used to baffle me; now I'm starting to get them!

Then I'm making another square in class, getting helpful hints from another great teacher (thank you, Debbie!)

The first square is Jacob's Ladder.

In class

Next is a Monkey Wrench.
In class

That's it for now;  I am off to sew!

"Unborn to-morrow, and dead yesterday,
Why fret about them if to-day be sweet!"

(more from Edward)

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