Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Crochet Experiment

I'm working on an idea involving my Starflower Square pattern.  "What if I omit the squaring up part," thinks I, "and join as I go?"

I love the way the join creates a secondary motif.  I started out with a triangular shawl idea, but may go full on asymmetrical.  Haven't decided yet.

Joining them gets a bit tricky because the center motifs are octagonal, and I have been joining them at three spots, which only works for so long before causing an unpleasant scrunching and/or ruffling effect.

Some frogging has been necessary, and then a new intermediary shape has been devised (see the tiny circle in the center below) and if I want the thing to lie flat, another intermediary shape would be helpful, although I think I can actually take out those two motifs at the bottom so I can rejoin them at three points closer in… and so on.

You see what I go through.

I was planning to write up the pattern, but with every row being different, that's gonna be one complicated pattern.  So I may end up just offering a kind of recipe for how to do it, and let the crocheting creativity begin!  Make any darn shape you want!  How about that idea?!

Hmm.  Stay tuned.  Perhaps a walk on the beach will help me decide….

A long walk.


  1. You are so clever! I just reread an old blog on the fish and it made me lol again.

  2. Maybe try a triangular motif for that open space? Looks very pretty...BTW, what is a baktus? Is that another name for a shawl? Love your colors for that...I, too, often choose colors based on beautiful beach sunsets.

    1. Thanks, Spellie! I need to get back to that project. I've been distracted by others! To answer your question, in the knitting world, "baktus" has come to mean a shallow triangular shawl or scarf. The name is from a Norwegian folk tale--read more here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baktus-scarf


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