Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Free Pattern: Patriotic Star Easy Ten Inch Knit Square (10")

This is an easy pattern, everyone!  If you can knit and purl, you can knit this star square.

Since some of us are making patriotic-themed squares for blankets for veterans, I wanted a ten-inch star square.  And I did not want to do intarsia: no bobbins of yarn bouncing around in back of the square for me.

Much searching on the internet revealed many stars of different sizes and techniques, but none the perfect size and having pleasing enough proportions for perfectionist me.  So naturally, I decided to design my own.

I made several before I knitted one that really looked good to me.  Those arms and legs tend to be too skinny and long, or short and fat.

Like this white one.

Hm.  It still falls in the star family.  No pun intended (falling star, ha ha, get it?).  It just has…issues.  Well, you know how families can be.  We put the fun in dysfunction, right?

Then the red one has…other issues.

I kept starring away until I was happy.

I created a chart for the result--really, I did.  But since I don't have knitting software yet, I charted it in Numbers.  Not the most knitting-chart-friendly medium.  But with much fussing and bothering, I persevered.

Then I tried copying it into a PDF, and into Pages, and directly or indirectly into this blog, and it just won't copy with the squares outlined.  It would be impossible for you, dear fellow knitters, to read the dang chart without being able to count the squares.

I am sure there are plenty of you out there who could create a chart for this in Numbers with no problem, and copy it easily into the blog.  I'm just not that tech-savvy.  I cannot find a way to even print the star chart so that it's all on one page.  I've got it down to about one and an eighth.  Ridiculous.

Will I give in and buy some knitting software?  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, I offer pics and line by line directions.  The squares pictured are made with Plymouth Encore, btw, one of my favorite charity-worthy yarns.  Machine washable, but soft.  Lots of great colors.  Not that expensive.  I rest my case.

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© 2015 Reyna Thera Lorele

Finished size: 10" square

Materials needed:
About 100 yards worsted weight yarn
Size 8 needles or size to get gauge

Gauge:  4.5 sts per inch

Note:  The borders are 3 sts of garter st, i.e., k on every row, 3 sts on each end of each row.

CO 45 sts.

Rows 1 - 4:  knit.

Rows 5, 7, 9 & 11:  k across.
Rows 6, 8, 10 & 12:  p across center sts.

BEGIN PATTERN (Center sts only.  Don't forget your garter borders!  See note above!):
Row 13:  k5, p2, k25, p2, k5
Row 14 and all even numbered rows:  p across
Row 15:  k6, p3, k21, p3, k6
Row 17:  k7, p5, k15, p5, k7
Row 19:  k8, p7, k9, p7, k8
Row 21:  k9, p8, k5, p8, k9
Row 23:  k10, p9, k1, p9, k10
Row 25:  k11, p17, k11
Row 27:  k12, p15, k12
Row 29:  k13, p13, k13
Row 31:  k13, p13, k13 (yes, it's the same as the previous row)
Row 33:  k11, p17, k11
Row 35:  k9, p21, k9
Row 37:  k5, p29, k5
Row 39:  k4, p31, k4
Row 41:  k3, p33, k3
Row 43:  k15, p9, k15
Row 45:  k16, p7, k16
Row 47:  k17, p5, k17
Row 49:  k17, p5, k17 (same as previous row)
Row 51:  k18, p3, k18
Row 53:  k18, p3, k18 (same as previous row)
Row 55:  k19, p1, k19

Row 56, 58, 60 & 62:  p across center sts
Rows 57, 59, 61 & 63:  k across

Rows 64 - 67:  knit

Bind off, cut yarn, finish off, weave in ends, and start another square!

CO = cast on
k = knit
p = purl
st, sts = stitch, stitches

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