Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Free Pattern: No Mistake Reversible Ten Inch Knitted Square (10")

Here's another easy pattern for a ten inch square.  You repeat the same row over and over, with attractive results.  And it looks the same on both sides, so it's completely reversible, always a nice bonus.

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I'm calling this square "No Mistake" because it's so easy.  (Really easy, I swear!)  The stitch pattern is actually called "Mistake Stitch," probably because, instead of a straightforward 2 x 2 rib, you have one extra stitch at the end of each row.  This automatically causes a shift in the pattern when you knit the next row.

That probably sounds clear as mud.  But once you start knitting, all will become clear.  (Really!)


© 2015 Reyna Thera Lorele

The stitch pattern is a multiple of 4 plus 3.  To make your finished object larger or smaller, increase or decrease by multiples of four.  My square has a border of 3 stitches on each side.  And 3 + 3 = 6, so I did a multiple of 4  plus 3 plus 6.  Make sense?  Just trying to help you out with the math, my friends!

Materials needed
about 100 yds. worsted weight yarn
#8 needles

CO 45 sts.
Garter st border:  knit 4 rows.

Now knit first and last 3 sts of each row, and do mistake stitch rib for center sts as follows:

Row 1:  *k2, p2* across, end with k2, p1

Repeat this row until square measures 9.5 inches from cast on edge.

Now, do a garter st border:  knit 4 rows.
Bind off, cut yarn, finish off, weave in ends.

CO = cast on
k = knit
p = purl
st, sts = stitch, stitches

You probably won't need the full 100 yards of yarn, but better to have too much than not enough.  Enjoy!

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