Monday, May 25, 2015

Crossroads Quilt Block

Yes, it's another block for the Underground Railroad sampler quilt.

The square pictured in the book is made with just two fabrics, a red with a small print, and an off-white print.  It's a nice-looking square, very traditional, and that is not a criticism, but… would you believe I spent at least three or four hours choosing fabric for mine?

That's because I used scraps, and when there aren't enough scraps of one color and/or another, and when some you like are not big enough, and others you don't particularly love are big enough, but you certainly are not going to use anything you don't LOVE, you have to get creative.  (Not obsessive.  Oh no, not me.)

All the scraps with red in them came from the Trash and Treasure Table at our local guild!  Yippee!


  1. One would never know you haven't quilted for years and years. Your work is always so on the money and that you spent 4hours selecting fabric shows. Nothing slapped together here. Well done, my friend.


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