Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour 2015: Hooray!

We did it!  For us, it was our third annual quilt shop tour.  We went to eight shops the first day, three the next.

Here's a sampling of some of the fabrics I bought, not necessarily lined up next to what I am going to combine with what.

I've been eyeing this chevron fabric for weeks at Quilt Ventura.  And the blue on the far left?  Well, I do already have a half yard of it, but I am planning to use it in the scrappy Underground Railroad squares I'm making, and then it will be gone.  Oh, no!  So obviously, I needed to buy more, didn't I?  Since the shop in question happened to have a half yard already cut and ready to go, and since I won't be back there again for a whole entire YEAR!
As I told my friend, I want to have my fabric and use it, too.  Like cake.

These two I just had to add to the stash:

I was pretty sure they would look good with some black rose fabric I bought on sale a few months ago.  Then I found the darker blue fabric on the far right--blue chrysanthemums.  And I am happy to see that some of the first fabric I ever bought, the two paler fabrics with giant flowers, go with these as well.

Could be overkill with the flowers, though, so who knows whether I really will use all of these together.  And I think the colors will pop even more if I throw in a "hotter" one somewhere.

I haven't put away all the fabric yet.  I'm too busy admiring it.  Plus, stuffing it into my already overflowing bins could be challenging.  I really need to organize that closet of mine.  I don't really need clothes, do I?!


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