Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Pattern: Symphony Infinity Scarf

I have been champing at the bit to share this new crochet pattern, the Symphony Infinity Scarf.  But I had to practice patience.  (Notice I didn't say "achieve patience.")

I wanted to beta-test this baby out the wazoo, because it is an advanced crochet pattern, and the written directions are complicated.  Plus, I wanted photos for a tutorial, which is included with the pattern.

The idea started out as a blanket, which pattern will be published in due course.

While I was beta-testing the blankie, dear friend Elisa suggested doing something similar in a scarf as well.  So I made this one, just to see how it would work.

Made with Plymouth Encore Colorspun

I like it, especially the interplay of the self-striping colors, but it's a little…pudgy.  This is due to the thickness of the worsted weight yarn as well as the textured crochet stitches.

Nonetheless, I proudly showed it to Elisa, and she suggested doing it as an infinity scarf or cowl, with DK yarn.  I had actually thought about that, but was way too lazy to do it, so I was pretending I hadn't thought about it.  And I was kinda wishing she hadn't, either.

At first.

And then I got the bug.  Because it's a really good idea, so, thank you, Elisa!

I started one with some Sublime yarn I had in my stash, but along the way, Hearthside Fibers contacted me with an irresistible yarn support offer, and they sent me this wonderful, kettle-dyed Polwarth and Silk DK yarn!

I gotta say, I love working with this yarn--and not just because they sent me some gratis.

It's springy and light, cushy, smooth, soft, and so easy to crochet!  And not splitty at all.

And the colors are, dare I say, sublime?

That price tag is for 700 yards, btw, which is a good 200 yards more than I needed for the scarf, which measures 8" wide by 52" around.  (Instructions are included in the pattern for making a shorter or longer scarf.)

The Hearthside people are planning to make up some smaller skeins, which will be easier to wind, too.

They may even make up some kits!  Pretty exciting!

Crochet tends to be a little thick, heavy, and/or stiff compared to knitting, especially if you're making an accessory or a sweater.  But this cowl/scarf drapes beautifully.

It's also relatively lightweight despite having a lot of texture.

So, the pattern is available here in my Etsy shop, and on Ravelry, where you can also get it wholesale if you are an LYS.

And the yarn?  Check out Hearthside Fibers.  (They have other yarns, too.)


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  1. Yay for "helpful" friends! Love the scarf's texture - can't wait to make one for myself.


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