Monday, July 6, 2015

Free Quilt Pattern Link: Patriotic String Star

When I took a bunch of scraps from our guild's Community Projects group, I swore I would actually make something with them.  I would not allow them to sit in my stash, forlorn, awaiting that magical day when they would be sewn together into a charity quilt.

After all, I got a free pattern along with those scraps.  No excuses!

Here is a link to the relatively easy, free pattern, Patriotic String Star.  The same website also has a ton of other great patterns!  Free!  And free tutorials!  It's a treasure chest just waiting to be opened!

These blocks are so much fun to make, I back-burnered some other projects to get started on them.

My friend Judith liked the same idea, so we decided to make this quilt together.  She's making some squares on her own, so am I, and we have gotten together a couple of times to make more.

She had the brilliant idea of adding that strip of gold to the red section.  We both balked briefly at figuring out exactly how to do it, but it was such a great idea that we couldn't let it go.

So we fought the fumes of fiber that were befuddling our thoughts.  We figured out that, on certain blocks, the first red strip would be approximately an inch wide, and the next strip would be the gold, and then we would go back to red.  After all, the strips aren't meant to match up exactly.

And it worked!

We've created this secondary design element with the gold, and we are ecstatic.

We got together on the Fourth of July for more patriotic quilting.  I can't think of a better way to spend the day.  We still have something like 19 more blocks to make for the Patriotic String Star, and I was going to make another one or two the next day, but I got sidetracked.

I was going to take a picture of my dining room table covered with red and blue scraps, too, but I forgot, and now I have the fabric for a two-color appliqué pattern (the source of my being sidetracked) taped to the table.  So I'm out of the "string" business until I'm done basting and snipping out the shapes for what my Inner Child insists on calling "Nelliphants."

What are Nelliphants?  Oh, your Inner Child knows the answer to that.

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  1. LOVE the gold! It really makes the squares pop. Great idea!


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