Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Sublime Symphony

Made with Hearthside Fibers DK yarn
Exciting news!  The Symphony Infinity Scarf pattern is now available in print form at a wholesale price from ICG Crafts.

If you prefer a hard copy rather than a PDF digital download from Etsy or Ravelry, you can ask your local yarn shop (LYS) to order the pattern for you!

The shop pays a wholesale price, you pay retail, and you get a high quality, printed, color pattern, complete with photo tutorial, that you can hold in your hot little hand.

Without having to print it out on your home printer!

My minimum order?  One copy.  I'm trying to make it easy to order.

I will be uploading all my patterns to ICG soon, so they will all be available at wholesale prices, POD (print on demand.)  Ask your LYS!!

I made another one of these scarves with some Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK I happened to have.

In fact, I had enough yarn for a sweater, for the size I was about eight years ago, when I bought the yarn.  In other words, now it would be a sweater for someone else.  Which I would probably not make, being selfish when it comes to sweater-making.

I made this scarf longer than the one in the written pattern, crocheting a starting chain of 220 instead of 180.  Including the edging, it took about 3.5 balls of Sublime (127 yards each, so you'll need a good 450 to 500 yards to make one this length.)

It measures about 60" total circumference and about 8" wide.  It's nice and drapey!

As mentioned in a previous post, however, while I was making the "Sublime Symphony," Hearthside Fibers contacted me with their irresistible yarn support offer, and sent me their wonderful Polwarth and Silk DK--no slouch in the yarn department either!

So I finished this gorgeous thing first:

I get lots of oohs and aahs from friends who see these.  Very gratifying!


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