Friday, August 7, 2015

BOM: Bear of the Month

Our quilting guild does a Block of the Month (BOM) mini-challenge kinda thing for every monthly guild meeting.

If you make a block and turn it in, you can put your name in the running, and you might win all the blocks.  I've only participated once before, but this time, I not only liked the concept, I had time to make one!  There's a winning combination right there!

The challenge this month is:  any design, 12.5 inches square, using only red, white, and black.

I had lots of ideas, but settled on a traditional Bear's Paw.  I think it's very effective with these colors, and there's a bonus in that it goes with the scrappy Underground Railroad blocks I'm slowly but surely making.

So I made two blocks.  I'll turn in this one:

And keep this one:

All together now (so far):

A part of me would love to win all the blocks, because I want to make a queen-sized quilt for my bed out of these colors, and extra blocks would make it easier and quicker.  But a part of me wants to do all the blocks myself.  So, I win either way.  I would like to carry that attitude into all areas of my life!


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