Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Pattern: Symphony Blanket

I wanted to beta-test this baby out the wazoo, because it is an advanced crochet pattern (available here), and the written directions need to be ultra-clear.  The pattern includes seven pages of written instructions and a detailed color photo tutorial.

I tried doing this a couple of different ways:  crocheting the border at the same time as the center, versus doing the center first and then the border.

I settled on the latter technique, as pictured above, so that you can use a different color on the border to frame the center if you prefer.

Every time I edited the pattern, I retested it.

I tested it with scraps.  I tested it with chunky yarn.  I tested it with worsted.  I tested it with more scraps.  So I have several of these blankets lying around, waiting for their ultimate destinations to be determined.

Pictured to the right and below is my First Symphony, using leftover scraps of James C. Brett Marble DK, and crocheting the borders at the same time as the center.

I just love the interplay of colors the Marble yarn creates.

Plus, it is Bear-Bear approved!

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