Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Symphony in C (Chunky)

Here's the Symphony Blanket pattern tested in chunky yarn--that's James C. Brett Marble Chunky to you!

I only had about one and a half balls of this color (#MC32) at the time, so even though there are 341 yards in each brand new ball, this blanket turned out preemie sized.  Just experimenting anyway, not aiming for a full-sized blanket yet.

Because the pattern creates so much texture, and crochet tends to be heavier than knit anyway, this version confirmed my plan to make the final blanket in worsted weight.  But everyone who has seen this one live and in color has loved it.

And it is clearly Bear-Bear approved!  What more do you need to know?

How about:  there are picots, front and back post stitches, and various other fancy-schmancy stitches going on, so it is for the more advanced crocheter.

The pattern is available here (retail) and here (both retail and wholesale).  Happy crocheting!

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