Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Free Pattern: Lace Trellis

I like the laciness of this pattern mixed with the more solid vertical line.

The stitch pattern repeat is a multiple of four, and it's easily adaptable to scarf, shawl, cowl, what-have-you.  The directions below are for a scarf.

It's drapey and lacy when using ribbon yarn and slightly larger needles than the yarn label calls for (see below).

It's more compact when using regular worsted weight yarn and size 7 or 8 needles.

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© 2015 Reyna Thera Lorele

Materials needed:  depends on the yarn and your gauge.  I would figure on using around 350 to 400 yards of worsted weight yarn using #8 needles, for a scarf measuring about 6" x 50".

CO 24 sts.
NOTE:  Slipping the first stitch of every row with the yarn in front gives a nice finished edge.

Knit 5 rows.

Pattern row:  wyif, sl first st as if to p, wyib, k3, *yo, k2tog, k2, rep from * across to last 4 sts, k4.

Repeat the pattern row until scarf is about the length you want, then knit another 5 rows in garter st (i.e., knit every row.)

Bind off, block lightly, wear!

CO = cast on
k = knit
k2tog = knit two together
p = purl
rep = repeat
sl = slip
st, sts = stitch, stitches
wyib = with yarn in back
wyif = with yarn in front
yo = yarn over


  1. Beautiful pattern., I love it! I love the color of the yarn used in the pictures you posted. Which brand and color did you use for your scarf?

    1. Hi, there! I used Berroco Glace for the green one. Alas, it is a discontinued yarn, but you may still be able to find some for sale somewhere. Or use any ribbon yarn you like. The black one is made with Cascade 220. I didn't finish that one yet, so, yarn amounts in the pattern are generous estimations. Have fun!


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