Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Designer's Dilemma

Despite my best intentions to give myself a break from designing and just knit someone else's pattern for a change, once I started working with my handspun, I ended up getting another idea.

I had swatched away with #6 needles, and then #5 needles, and I thought I was happy with #6.  I liked the drape.

Once I started making the actual shawl, however, I wasn't seeing the kind of clear pattern I prefer.  This yarn is fairly evenly spun and plied relative to my earlier efforts, but not as even as, say, Debbie Bliss Merino 4-Ply.

Plus, I found this particular handspun to be a bit stretchy.  Very nice to work with, but not as eager to hold its shape at such a loose gauge.

So I frogged the little bit I had knitted, and started again with #4 needles and my own simple (so far) design.  I like it much better with the #4s, and have more ideas for jazzing up the pattern.

I also started the Trousseau again using a different yarn, fingering weight, perfect for that travel project I need.

Meanwhile, I have been busy attempting to design something for a crochet publication, with a deadline coming up in about a week.  I've tried a dozen different ideas and hated the results of each one.  Some things look better in my head than in the yarn.

I've shelved the project for today.  I'm working on something I really like, but they want something for a spring issue, and this is more of a fall or winter thing.  Pooh.  I may submit it anyway, just for kicks.

In other news, I missed the beautiful Blood Moon the other night, but I did get to see an amazing sunset a couple of days prior.  Better "live" than in a pic, but you get the drift.


  1. I look forward to one day making my own knitting patterns... In the mean time, learning to knit and improving my skills is my goal. I recently knitted my very first poncho just in time for the Fall season ahead. I look forward to making more intricate items as I continue to improve my knitting skills...

    By the way, you were my first knitting teacher!!You're an excellent instructor and with your help I made my first knitting project. I use to go to Roxanne's in Carpinteria on Thursday mornings. I was only able to attend a few of the classes before my hubby and I moved up to Northern California.

    1. I thought maybe we had met! Thank you for the compliments. I am so happy you are sticking with knitting, no pun intended, and congratulations on your poncho!


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