Thursday, October 22, 2015

Quilt Gestation, Part 2

Welcome to Why It Takes So Frickin' Long to Quilt One Lousy Quilt, Part 2.

Today we investigate further the mysterious elasticity of time, the root cause of which appears to be quilting.

Quilt begun months ago, now gestating
This phenomenon has never before been logically explained, nor will it be now.  We interviewed dozens of quilters about it.  Okay, maybe not dozens, maybe only three or four.

Yet all agree that the old adage, "Time flies when you're having fun" applies here in reverse.

"You're having fun, and yet the months drag on," says one quilter who prefers to remain anonymous.

Says another, "That little crib quilt with the cute yellow duckies on it, that you think you can quilt in an hour or two, ends up taking six months!  And all because you suddenly decide to outline every damn duck with free motion quilting.  It's the middle of the night, the baby's long since born, and you get all fancy-schmancy with the quilting.  Happens every time."

Quilt finished months ago, still haven't blogged about it
Says yet another, "I gotta tell you, I was hurt when my first grandson absolutely refused to take his baby quilt with the adorable bunnies on it, just because I only got it done in time for his high school graduation.  I think it would have looked charming in his college dorm room.  Some people are so ungrateful!"

The sad truth is that while many quilters experience extreme elongation of quilting time, there seems to be no cure, and no money set aside to search for one.  It all goes for more fabric and batting, apparently.

Or thread.  You always need more thread.

If you are interested in supporting my research, feel free to donate through my PayPal account.  (Although I reserve the right to spend it on fabric instead.)

Also gestating

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