Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Totally Cool Tote

Results of latest class:

Yes, I made this!  With much help from the instructor (thank you, Debbie).

Note how it stands up, all on its own!

And look!  It has pockets!

Pockets and ability to stand are both requirements for project bags, in my opinion.  The last thing you want to be doing is trying to knit or crochet and having your tote fall over every time you pull out another length of yarn.

This tote has already found its first project.  You can see the little red row counter nestled next to the knitting, which unsurprisingly is color-coordinated with the bag.  (How did that happen?!  Ha ha ha, it matches what I'm wearing too, of course.)

I actually was not last to finish sewing in this class!

I actually had enough time in class to finish the object in question, and not to go home with yet another UFO!  This is unheard-of for practically every class and workshop I take, regardless of project, teacher, location, or the weather.

I am determined to make more totes, too.  It was so much fun watching this take shape, literally.

I've already cut out the fusible interfacing, called Inner-Form-Plus, for a couple more totes.  Way cool, and useful too.

Who knew I would branch out from quilting?  (Probably every other quilter in the world.  I'm the last to know….)

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