Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Good-bye to the Bunny

Recently, I was invited to join a satellite group of our quilting guild, something I have wanted to do since I joined the guild.

For those of you who don't know, satellite groups are smaller groups of members who meet outside the regular guild meeting.  They usually have a specific goal or common interest, like modern quilting, or hand quilting, for example.  I thought it would be a great way to make new friends.  But whenever I asked about them, all the satellite groups were full, and trying to start a new one proved to be a slow and tedious process that resulted in nothing.

I was pleased to be invited at last (apparently someone had to drop out, so they had room for a newbie.) I looked forward to meeting everyone, and I was very happy that one focus of this particular satellite group is helping Community Projects, a.k.a. charity.

Little did I know what I was getting into!

Because it is That Time of Year.

It turns out that, for a holiday project, we were each supposed to make either a Christmas stocking (not gonna happen) or a pillowcase, and put a little gift in it, and wrap the combo up, and then we were to exchange gifts at our next meeting, unwrap them, ooh and ah over the general adorableness of everything, and then donate it all to charity.

That last part I liked, the ooh-ing and ah-ing, and the donate-y part.  The rest, in all honesty, seemed like a lot of bother.

Every year at this time, I become even more of a curmudgeon than usual.  It's the four-month long frenzy of commercialism that annoys me.  It starts before Halloween now, and doesn't end until after all the after-Christmas sales.  It seems less like a religious or spiritual holiday than a business model.  Not appealing.

Add the fussiness of making a small project when I have fifteen other projects that truly excite me, and I become a Negative Nellie of the first degree.  ("Making it and then wrapping it?  So one can unwrap it, when it isn't even a gift for oneself?  Why?"  The Curmudgeonatrix hath spoken!  Or rather, hath thought, but hath kept her thoughts to herself.  Until now.)

But, I wanted to be part of the group, and I didn't want to rain on everyone's parade, and I like making things for charity as a rule, so I says to myself, I says, Suck it up and make a pillowcase, for heaven's sake!  Aloud, I just said, "Okay," and tried not to grimace too much or be snarky.  (I'm clearly making up for that here!)

I scavenged in my stash, found some free fabric (thank you, Sonja and Rhona), added a little of my own batik for spice, and followed the simplest pillowcase pattern I could find.

The result is cute enough, I think, and for the gift that went with it, I had the perfect knitted item already to hand:  Herbie Bunny.  I made him awhile back when I was teaching and all my students were making these bunnies, and I wanted to be able to help them, and it is in fact a very easy bunny to make (click here for the link to the free pattern).

But I am ready to release him into the wild, because around here, he has become simply another thing to have to move in order to dust.  (Curmudgeonly?  What, me?!)

Some child needs to cuddle him.  So say good-by to Herbie Bunny.  Safe travels, my friend!

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