Saturday, December 5, 2015

Quilting Tip #247

When laying out pieces of cut fabric, in preparation for sewing them together, it is inadvisable to place one's full cup of coffee beside them, especially if the table one is using is a TV tray that can easily be jostled.

Especially if there is not much room between TV tray and cutting table.  Especially if one has Quilter's Butt, from sitting around sewing.

Especially if one's fabric is white.

Which leads us to Quilting Tip #248:  Always buy more fabric than you think you need.

The blue and orange rinsed out well in cold water and a little soap, but let's just say that it's a good thing I had a little extra of the white.

This has been "Lessons Learned the Hard Way," a Public Service Announcement brought to you by Yarn In, Yarn Out and… coffee.
Quilt in progress

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