Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Pattern: Capture the Castle Shawlette

Using the delectable BaaBoo yarn from Hearthside Fibers, I finished this little shawlette.  The pattern is published and ready to purchase for your knitting pleasure here and here (and here if you can buy wholesale.)  And it only takes one skein of the yarn!

Plus, who doesn't like to say, "BaaBoo?"

Reminds me of Tennessee, where the ad for the locally made confection, GooGoo Clusters, was, "Say GooGoo for candy."

I say, "Say BaaBoo for yarn!"

The skill level for this pattern is easy intermediate.  There's no purling, but you will be doing some yarn overs, casting on, and casting off.  It's fairly quick to knit, since it's a small project.

This is the Galway Bay colorway.
I love the misty blend of colors.

I also made one with self-striping Berroco Sox, color 1453.

The name of the shawl is inspired by the turret-shaped edging, and by a really fun book I read recently called "I Capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith.  I saw the movie a short time later--entertaining, but the book is better.

I suggest reading the book while wearing the shawl, preferably in a castle overlooking a moat and rolling green hills, if you can manage it!

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