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Free Pattern and Tutorial: Four-Footed Friend Rug

This pattern can easily be adapted for a larger or smaller blanket, and does not need to be felted to be attractive.  It's a great pattern for showing off different colors, or using up scraps.

My goal was to make a small, felted throw rug, or maybe a pet blanket, with some 100% wool that friend Elisa gave me for my birthday.

If you do decide to felt, you will need to use 100% natural fibers (no acrylic, for example), and be prepared for it to shrink quite a bit.

How much will it shrink?  Hard to say--it depends on what fibers you use and how long you decide to run it through the washing machine.

Also, if you plan to felt, use a larger hook than you normally would, for the same reason:  felting shrinks things.

To the right, a closer look of the blanket, pre-felting.

Below is a pic of my blanket only partially felted.  Since I use a community laundry room with pay machines, I can't keep stopping the machine and turning it back to the agitation part of the cycle.

So I ran the blanket through a whole cycle once, with a towel and a few rags, a color catcher, and hot water.  It began to felt but I plan to run it through again.  It make take several washes at this rate, before it is truly felted.

If you have access to your own washing machine, and can keep resetting it to the agitation setting, you can just keep doing that until the blanket felts.  Or you can throw it in a big bucket or the tub with ultra-hot water, and wrangle it around for an hour or ten, if you're in the mood to go off the grid and get a lot of exercise!  I wonder if stomping on it as if you were stomping grapes in a vineyard would work.

I recommend the washing machine.

Now for the pattern.  There's a photo tutorial at the end to clarify.


© 2016 Reyna Thera Lorele

These are basic guidelines.  My rug measured 42"W x 32"L before felting.  I will update this measurement once I get it felted enough.

The yarn labels gave no yardage, but I weighed each skein, and had:
3.6 ounces green
4.3 ounces purple
4.4 ounces red
So,  roughly 4 ounces of each color, for a total of 12.3 ounces of worsted weight yarn.
Appropriate size hook for your yarn.  I used an L (8 mm).

Variable.  See notes below.

NOTES:  If you want to do a different size (like a blanket for a human, perhaps), or if you are choosing not to felt, I recommend doing a swatch with your own yarn and hook so you can determine the stitch gauge and, from there, plan the size blanket you want.

Then, for a larger or smaller blanket, your beginning chain can be increased or decreased by a multiple of 6.  The actual stitch requirements for the pattern are a multiple of 6 plus 3 plus 1 for the beginning chain, but I have already added the extra 3 and 1.  (That extra "1" is the stitch that works as the turning chain for the first row, in case you were wondering.)

Ch 76.

Row 1:  sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across.
Row 2:  ch 1, turn, sc in flo of each sc across.
Row 3:  ch 1, turn, sc in blo of each sc across.
Row 4:  rep row 2.
Row 5:  ch1, turn, *3 sc in blo, 3 dc in unused front loop of row below current row, rep from * across to last 3 sts, 3 sc in blo.
Row 6:  rep row 2.
Row 7:  rep row 3.
Row 8:  rep row 2.

Rep rows 5 - 8, changing color on row 5, as many times as needed for your rug/blanket.

To finish, ch 1, sc in same st and in each st across and along the sides, doing 3 sc in each corner space.  Weave in ends.  Felt if desired!

blo = back loop only
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
flo = front loop only
rep = repeat
sc = single crochet

Yarn over (yo)

Insert hook into unused loop of stitch in row below

YO again
Pull up loop

Finish your double crochet


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  1. I can't wait to start this stitch!!!

  2. Hooray! You found a use for the wool! Makes me so happy (and determined to move more stuff from my stash to yours . . . .)


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