Thursday, March 31, 2016


This is my first effort at spinning a gradient yarn ("gradient" meaning, for those of you who don't know, it goes from one color gradually to another, or gradually to lighter shades of the same color.  Not exactly self-striping, but related.  At least, that's my definition.)

I didn't think to take a pic of the fiber before I spun it, silly me, so you can't see the magical transformation.

I don't remember if someone gave me this fiber, or if I bought it in a moment of major out-of-the-box thinking, because when I finally pulled it out to spin it, after having it in my stash for several years, I thought it was one of the ugliest things I had ever seen.

It had these grayish-brown blobs mixed with hot pink glops--blecch!  Definitely not my style.

The good news is, I had no qualms about potentially ruining it while trying to separate the different colors.

I planned to split the fiber in half and spin it on two different bobbins, then ply the resulting singles in such a way that it would be a gradient.  I haven't yet tried Navajo plying (watch a video on that here), and I didn't want a three-ply yarn anyway.

To my amazement, I actually like this yarn!  The grayish-brown morphed into a sort of purplish-gray-brown, that got lighter, almost tan, which melded with the pale pink, which then became a warm, but not overly hot, pink.

Proving once again that there are no ugly colors.  Not really.  Not even orange.  I may not like a color, but it will have its uses somewhere, someday.

And I've got about 250 yards of fingering weight yarn--not bad!

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