Monday, March 14, 2016

The Late Night Knitter Repents

I may have mentioned this before;  I certainly know better than to do this!  Yet last night--one more time--I was working on one of my new shawl designs, and it was going well, and I was knitting faster and faster, and in my haste and sleepiness and overconfidence, I dropped a stitch.

A prototype
The stitch patterns are relatively easy.  Each row is simple.  But there are some slipped stitches and yarn overs in the honeycomb section that are a bear and a half to fix when I drop a stitch.  And I'm sorry to say, this ain't the first time I've done this.

And did I use a lifeline?  Of course not.  Remember the "overconfidence"?  Do as I say, not as I do, and use a lifeline, my friends!

Figuring out what goes where, now that I suddenly have a yarn over that could go around the needle at least three times in three different places, is above my pay grade.  This isn't just a bear, it's a grizzly!

But picking out entire rows of 498 stitches each is, shall we say, frustrating?

The evil honeycomb
After some cursing and self-destructive self-talk, I say, in my best, New Age-y, modulated, somehow annoying-rather-than-soothing tone, "This is just part of the journey.  Knitting is fun. Tinking is part of the process.  What difference does it make if I spend time un-knitting or knitting?"

Yeah, right.

Finally I set the dang thing aside and went to bed.  Later today, but not too much later, I will tackle this again.  I repent!  I repent!  This calls for prayer, a cuppa joe, and a magnifying glass.

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  1. I feel for you... I did some late night knitting in mid-February. I'd been working on an infinity cowl on circular knitting needles in the round using the seed stitch when I made a major mistake that I didn't notice until six rows later... I also dropped stitches too not too long ago on another cowl doing late night knitting. So, had to do some tinking myself! I've learned not to knit when I'm sleepy as I've prone to making too many mistakes.

    Both cowls turned out well though after fixing my mistakes!


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