Friday, May 27, 2016

Whale Tails

Every month, our local quilt guild has a block of the month challenge.   They have a drawing and one person wins all the blocks that were made that month.

Way back when, before I even started quilting, it seems the monthly block was whale tails.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Someone won all these blocks, made by various guild members (not made by me.)  The blocks were recently donated to Community Projects, and I adopted them.

Seven were missing the water into which the whales were diving, so I made templates, cut fabric, and added water sections to the squares.

There were 23 whale tails and one lone dolphin.  I added "coping strips" to the dolphin, which was a smaller square than the others, then added the purplish-greenish sashing fabric from my stash, and sewed them all together.

This is one I am not going to quilt myself.  I will be turning it back in to Community Projects, along with some backing fabric friend Sonja gave me ages ago, that has been waiting for just the right project.  We'll pair it with some batting and away it will go to some generous quilter somewhere on the Central Coast.

Finally it will make its way back to Community Projects and then to a worthy recipient.

I hope this quilt doesn't make that person seasick!  There's a lot of movement in those whale tails!

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  1. Love the tails! You did a great job putting them together and making the quilt coherent. And guess what? It's almost Run time!!!


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