Saturday, June 4, 2016

Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour 2016

Elisa and I started our shop hop at Roxanne's this year.  I had the idea that this year I would take some cute pictures of the shops along the way.

Back entrance to Roxanne's

Then this happened.
Roxanne's wonderful mermaid batik

And this.

And we were trying to hit nine shops in nine hours, and we were also shopping for our friend Debbie, who had a theme for her fabrics that seemed to us both specific and vague at the same time.

Figuring 4.5 to 5 hours of driving time alone, that doesn't leave a lot of time to shop!  Especially if you hit major slowing down traffic (a.k.a. "the T word"), which we did, twice.

We thought we'd be driving by the last shop at 5:59 and yelling out the window, "Can you run out here into the street and stamp our passports?"

But we made it with eight minutes to spare!

Somehow, Elisa managed to take care of her own and most of Debbie's shopping, and she was forever standing around waiting for me while I either grabbed one last fabric cut, or made a pit stop.

We love getting our goody bags at each shop, and some of the shops have little games to play, like a bean bag toss, to win little prizes, which is always fun.

We got to experience some wonderful California microclimates:  59 degrees on the coast in the morning, 104 in Paso Robles by 12:30, and when it's that hot inland in June, the coast a few miles away is often getting our famous "June gloom."  Here's the fog, waiting for us as we were heading home at the end of the day, blessedly cool.

More shopping to come!

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