Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ventura County Fair Crochet

This year, I was asked to be one of the judges for the crochet items at the Ventura County Fair.  A pleasant feeling for the old ego.

I've been a clerk/scribe for several years, having a great time helping the judge (my buddy Elisa).  While we hated to split up our team, there were 191 crochet items submitted to the fair this year!

Here is a sampling--there were two other looooong tables filled with crochet items on either side of this central one:

Three judges in total made it doable.

I had a lot of fun, with a very efficient clerk of my own, saw a lot of beautiful items, some incredibly cute items (a crocheted lavender octopus, anyone?  A crocheted OTTER?!  So cute!), and some items that… well, we try to give helpful suggestions for next time.

(For those of you planning to submit crochet items to fairs or contests, some very basic things to remember:  submit new things--nothing old, worn, dirty, or, heaven help us, smelly!  Weave in those yarn ends, too.)

When we were done, Elisa and I went out to lunch, our reward for a hard day's… or rather, morning's… work.

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