Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tubes of Color

I was sad to hear a (relatively local) shop is closing, Village Spinning & Weaving in Solvang.  The owners are retiring in order to travel and relax, although they do plan to keep their website going, so do check them out here.

Naturally, they are having a closing sale.  I wasn't really interested in shopping--there's a new one!--but I and my friends had planned to go there for a long time, and just never made it.  Until now.  There is nothing like a sale to light a fire under us.

Speaking of fires, here is the view from my deck about ten days ago.

That is a cloud of smoke from the Rey fire.  A little unnerving.  I conferred with my friends re evacuations, traffic, and potential smoke inhalation, but they were not to be deterred.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, not too hot, and not too smokey!

The shop had lots of wonderful yarns and wheels and looms and fibers, but this is what drew me the most.

I'm eager to spin more gradients and self-stripey things, and these were all ready to go.  And on sale!  Think of the money I saved!  Ha ha.

Actually, I almost bought twice as much, but I held back.  Apparently, there are still only 24 hours in each day, despite the ongoing need to create more beautiful stuff, so I tried not to go totally crazy with the fiber frenzy.

Next in my spinning queue is the red-grey-black.  I've split each color in two sections so I can spin them separately and create a two-ply yarn.

I almost can't wait to get started, but I am determined first to finish plying another blue-green yarn I've been working on.  Will post a pic when done!

Oh, and the bonus for going to Solvang:  there is an incredible bakery on every corner.  I got something called a lemon boat, and if I were a real foodie, I'd have taken a pic to post before devouring it, but no;  it really didn't have the potential to last long enough to take a photo!  Way too delicious!