Friday, September 9, 2016

Free and Easy Quilt Pattern Link: Framed Four-Patch

I didn't mean to start another project.  (Where have we heard that before?)

Once again, I blame our Guild.  Last month's Block of the Month looked so easy and refreshing, and the juicy fruit and vegetable fabric rectangles were on offer for free at the Guild meeting.

Since I am the Scavenging Freebie Queen, I took two sets of rectangles, as did my friend Judith.

For the FREE pattern, click on Framed Four-Patch.

I found a good blender and some white scraps from my somehow unshrinkable scrap stash, and one and half hours later, DONE!

I turned these in at last month's meeting, and one lucky quilter won everyone's blocks.  I was actually happy not to win--I didn't want another UFO!


  1. wanted to know whats the size of blankies for the charity do you take?

    1. Hi, there! Thanks for your question. I don't personally collect blankets. I suggest you contact charities in your area and find out what they are looking for. You can always do a google search for Project Linus or Binky Patrol, for example, as they have chapters all around the country. I hope you find a good match for your charitable efforts.

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