Sunday, November 13, 2016

Clown College?

Here I am with my friend Debbie, clowning around as she teaches me how to use her longarm quilting machine.

I enjoyed trying it out.  It made the actual quilting go a lot faster--especially since I followed a relatively simple pattern and wasn't making it up as I went along, which is my usual (lack of) technique.

This quilt is already out the door, earmarked for the Quilting Angels and the hospital.  The fabric was donated to them, and after I chose to put all these colors together, it looks pretty clownish to me.  A bit garish, but fun.

"Someone'll love it." That's what we always tell ourselves when we're not entirely pleased with the end result!

For a free copy of the block pattern, click here.  Then scroll down to "Tam's Block."

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