Monday, February 27, 2017

A Fine Mess

It's all my fault.  I take full responsibility.  It started with an email I sent to my buddy Elisa, to wit, "Hi, have you seen this?  Very tempting to start...if I only had fifty hours in a day."

And I sent her this link:

And then we both got hooked.  (Sorry for the pun.  I know it gets old, but it's irresistible!)

I pulled out my huge bag of worsted weight scraps, and got going.

And going.

I was using a lot of variegated and somewhat self-striping odds and ends, so mine has a different look than the original gorgeous design, and I really like Elisa's better than mine, too--click here to see hers.

But once I got the solid black around the outside, I started liking mine well enough.  I think aiming for a rainbow effect in those petals really helped as well.

I swore I was done, because weaving in all those yarn tails is not my favorite thing to do.  But what to do with just a big old circle?  I wasn't going to make a pillow, as the original pattern suggests.  And I don't really have a lot of space for giant doilies.

So I started thinking, "Blanket."  I found myself digging through all my bins of yarn for yet more worsted weight scraps, and realized that instead of shrinking the scrap bag that was lying around my office, getting in my way, I have doubled it.

In fact, now there are two giant scrap bags lying around, getting in my way.

I haven't blocked the second circle yet, but you get the idea.

Who knows?  A blanket could happen.  Eventually.

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