Friday, February 10, 2017


Fidget Quilts are for calming Alzheimer's patients, who are often agitated, and who benefit from the entertainment provided by the quilts.

While the patient plays with the quilt, this also gives a break to caregivers.

Fidget Quilts are generally small, easily held on the lap, with doodads, bits, and bobs all over them.

Our quilt guild Community Projects group has been spearheading the making of these quilts, so naturally, I had to make one.
Top of the fun list for the patients are fringe, velcro, and zippers.  I was going to add more fringe and some velcro to mine, but in the end, I chose to stick with some beaded fringe and a curlicue fringe I crocheted.

Among my favorite "toys," I love the pink zipper, and the little buckle that slides back and forth on that rainbow colored bit of shoelace in the bottom center square (see top picture.)

There is also a bag of beads and buttons, sewn shut so they can't escape.  The bag fits in the little pocket, which came off a pair of my old blue jeans.  On the top right square is a bit of blue jean which can be unbuttoned to reveal a different fabric.  This came from the bottom leg of the same pair of jeans.

For more pictures and instructions on how to make one of these, click here and then click on "community" at the top of the page.  It was so much fun to make, I wish I didn't have a queue of about forty projects already in hand, or I would make another!

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