Thursday, March 23, 2017

New Pattern: Easter Egg Hat

Here's a knitted Easter Egg Hat for the little egghead in your family.

The pattern is written for a newborn size, but directions for adapting it to other sizes are included.

This first one was knitted with Plymouth Baby Bunny yarn (a discontinued yarn, alas).  I still have quite a lot of this stuff, leftover from the Log Cabin blanket I crocheted about 4 years ago.

I blogged about the blanket, which I crocheted using a free pattern; you will find the link to the pattern and lots more pics here.

After I typed up the Easter Egg Hat pattern, I experimented with Tahki Cotton Classic to make another.  I ended up using a #3 needle, even though I usually use a #4 with this stuff.  Let's face it, I am a loosey-goosey knitter.

Tahki Cotton Classic is one of my favorite yarns for baby hats.  Lots of colors to choose from, no worries about allergies to woolly fibers, machine washable--what's not to like?

View from the top

So cheerful!  I especially love the starburst on the top.

The pattern is available on Etsy here.
You can also get it on Ravelry, retail or wholesale, here.

Happy knitting!

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  1. I love this hat! It's almost enough to start me knitting again.


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