Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mermaid Rising

I participated in our quilt guild's annual challenge for the first time this year.  The challenge was to make something--anything: a quilt, a wallhanging, a table runner, a doll, a tote, whatever--that featured a mermaid and two other things beginning with the letter "m."

My first thought was, of course, a Mariner's Compass Moon.  That would have satisfied the "m" requirements, since apparently modifiers count.

But I threw in some moonflowers as well.  I did foundation paper piecing, English paper piecing, lots of needle turn appliqué, and a little fusible thread appliqué.

The result is a wallhanging, Mermaid Rising.

The back, in sunlight

quilting on the back, Mariner's Compass Moon
I didn't win in any of the categories.  (Who knew there were going to be categories?  No one.)  But never mind, I got a fat quarter of Roxanne's mermaid fabric in a "participation prize," so that got tucked into my stash in short order.

To see more entries, click here and look for the April 2017 Challenge, or click on the gallery tab.

I had fun making mine, despite my loathing of deadlines.  My friend Debbie had just given me some peacock-themed fabric, which worked beautifully for the mermaid's tail, and almost everything except the backing came from fabric I already had in my stash--it's always a delight when my diligent shopping pays off!

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