Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Finally Finished: The Rib-It! Sampler Throw

I finally finished putting together all these Rib-It blocks a few weeks ago.

You may notice there is one "outlier" on the bottom right.  I ran out of the ivory colored yarn, and I just looked at my stash and decided I cannot cram one more skein into one more bin.

So I used what I have and I don't care if it matches, by this time!  I am really getting lax in my old age.

My living room floor was dedicated to sewing the blocks together.  I kept them laid out, as I didn't want to get them out of order.

Needless to say, there were a lot of yarn-tails to weave in.

But I prevailed.  Yarn-tails are not the boss of me!

For the free Rib It! Blocks of the Month, click on the Free Knit Patterns tab above and scroll down to Rib-It! for the links.

You can also buy Rib-It!  A Knit Sampler Throw, Parts 1 through 4, which include many more blocks that go together, in my Etsy shop--click here.  Or buy them on Ravelry--click here.

Be sure to join the free knit-along, the Rib It Blanket KAL, on Ravelry, so you can chat with other knitters and post photos of your blocks.  I would really enjoy seeing them.  So far, it has been a fairly quiet group, but if there is something you'd like to discuss, feel free to start a topic of conversation!

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