Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Free Pattern: Rib It! November Block of the Month

Although the row repeat for this pattern is long, there are no fancy stitches, just knitting and purling.

As always, the finished size is 8" square, and directions are included for adapting to other sizes.

Have fun!

Be sure to join the free knit-along, the Rib It Blanket KAL, on Ravelry, so you can chat with other knitters and post photos of your blocks.  I would really enjoy seeing them.

For the other free Rib It! Blocks of the Month, click on the Free Knit Patterns tab above and scroll down to Rib-It! for the links.

You can also buy Rib-It!  A Knit Sampler Throw, Parts 1 through 4, which include many more blocks that go with this one, in my Etsy shop--click here.  Or buy them on Ravelry--click here.

The stitch pattern is a multiple of 12 + 7.  To make a larger or smaller square, CO more or fewer sts in multiples of 12.

About 100 yds. worsted weight yarn
#7 needles
Stitch markers
4.5 sts per inch

CO 37 sts.
Knit 4 rows.
Begin Pattern:
Row 1 (RS):  k3, pm, k3, p1, k3, *p2, k1, p2, k3, p1, k3, rep from * across to last 3 sts, pm, k3.
Row 2 and all even-numbered rows:  k the k sts and p the p sts. 
Row 3:  k3, sm, k2, p1, k1, p1, k2, *p2, k1, p2, k2, p1, k1, p1, k2, rep from * to last 3 sts, sm, k3.
Row 5:  k3, sm, k1, (p1, k1) 3 times, *(p2, k1) twice, (p1, k1) 3 times, rep from * to last 3 sts, sm, k3.
Row 7:  rep row 3.
Row 9:  rep row 1.
Row 11:  k3, sm, (k1, p2) twice, *k3, p1, k3, p2, k1, p2, rep from * to last 4 sts, k1, sm, k3.
Row 13:  k3, sm, (k1, p2) twice, *k2, p1, k1, p1, k2, p2, k1, p2, rep from * to last 4 sts, k1, sm, k3.
Row 15:  k3, sm, (k1, p2) twice, *(k1, p1) 3 times, (k1, p2) twice, rep from * to last 4 sts, k1, sm, k3.
Row 17:  rep row 13.
Row 19:  rep row 11.
Row 20:  k the k sts and p the p sts.
Rep these 20 rows once more.
Knit 4 rows.
BO.  Cut yarn, fasten off.  Weave in ends.

BO = bind off
CO = cast on
k = knit
LH = left hand
p = purl
pm = place marker
rep = repeat
RS = right side
sl = slip stitch
sm = slip marker
st, sts = stitch, stitches

© 2017 Reyna Thera Lorele

YIYO Designs

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