Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wheelchair Lap Quilt

I really wish there weren't a need for one of these in my family or anyone else's, but since I cannot wave a magic wand and heal my mother, or lift her bodily from hospital bed to wheelchair and back, or really, do much of anything to change the situation, I researched lap blankets and quilts that might be useful for those in wheelchairs, and I found lots of good tips, like:

Have cut-outs or a shape at the bottom that leaves room for feet on the wheelchair foot rests.

Use flannel backing for a quilt, as it will help keep it from slipping off the lap.

Add pockets (I didn't do that, but it seems a very handy idea.).

Some people also attach ties to the sides of the quilt so it can be tied onto the arms of the wheelchair, to keep it from slipping, but that seemed like it would make it too difficult to get it off when necessary.

The only problem is that Mom says this is too pretty and doesn't want to use it because it might get dirty.

So, next time I will try to find some really ugly fabric, just for you, Mom!