Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Serenity Stitch

Sometimes you just need not to think.  Sometimes, garter stitch is the answer.  No stress:  just cast on, and knit knit knit.

For years, I've had this one ball of James C. Brett Marble Chunky (341 yards) that wasn't as marled as the yarn usually is.  It was, shall we say, an oddball.

I always thought it would make a great scarf.  A wide, squishy, throw-it-over-your-shoulder scarf.

Since acrylic doesn't respond well to blocking, garter stitch seemed a good choice for this yarn.

In fact, I haven't even tried to block it yet.

I have four completed projects that would benefit from at least a little blocking;  they are draped on various chairs and quilt racks, and they stare at me with woebegone expressions as I walk by, but I've been busy quilting and can't seem to muster the enthusiasm for boring old blocking.

I'll get around to it someday.  Maybe.  You can see I'm not making any promises!

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