Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Butterfly Shawl Revisited

I promised I would show this once it was all blocked, so, behold the butterfly.

I think it's beautiful, even though I made it with sport weight yarn instead of fingering, so it's more like a diagonal blanket than a shawl.

Meaning it's kinda heavy.  Meaning I will never wear it.  (Meaning hours and hours of work and tons of yarn and I will never, never wear it.  And yet, that is nothing new!  Insert mad laughter here.)

While I was making it, I thought, "This is so much fun, I'm going to make another with fingering weight yarn!"

I didn't have enough of the colors I wanted to use for Butterfly 2, though, and I successfully resisted buying more yarn and adding to my Enormo-Stash--you know, the Stash that Ate Los Angeles?

And then, well, by the thousandth wrap and turn, I admit I was getting a little sick of it.

But once it was blocked, and enough time passed, I started thinking of knitting another.

I have a nice gradient yarn that would look gorgeous, but as I said, I didn't have enough.

I knew my friend Elisa had a skein of the same yarn, however, and I offered to buy it, since she hadn't used hers yet, and lo and behold, she GAVE it to me!!!!  I mean, GAVE.  Sorry, didn't mean to shout, but y'know, it's really nice yarn, meaning it ain't cheap, and it's pretty, and she just GAVE it to me.  I knew she was a good friend, but this is ridiculous!

So, now I simply have to make this again, don't I?  If you are drawn to it, click here for the pattern.  Not free, but worth the money.  Lots of pics, line-by-line directions, and so fun to watch the butterfly emerge from it's yarn-ball cocoon.


  1. Your shawl is beautiful I am just beginning mine but a bit confused about the wrap and turn does the wrapped stitch count as 1 in the next row or not
    Thanks for your help and you should make another one

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding, Google quit sending me email notifications of comments on my blog. The wrap doesn’t count as a stitch, but the stitch you wrapped is still a stitch, and is still counted. Hope that helps!

  2. I too just started and have gotten to wrap and turns. My confusion is where and when to pick up the wrap and turn stitch? Or, do you not pick up the wrap.. I too have done tons of wrap and turns. I love to knit socks.

    1. Hi! If you've done a ton of wraps and turns, and your technique is obviously working for you, I would treat them the same way on this shawl. Some of them you won't get back to until the next row. I just kept my eye out for those wrappy-turny places, and remembered to slip the wrap up onto the left needle and knit it together with the stitch it had previously wrapped. If that makes sense! That's how I do it, anyway. Cheers!


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