Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Butterfly Shawl Revisited

I promised I would show this once it was all blocked, so, behold the butterfly.

I think it's beautiful, even though I made it with sport weight yarn instead of fingering, so it's more like a diagonal blanket than a shawl.

Meaning it's kinda heavy.  Meaning I will never wear it.  (Meaning hours and hours of work and tons of yarn and I will never, never wear it.  And yet, that is nothing new!  Insert mad laughter here.)

While I was making it, I thought, "This is so much fun, I'm going to make another with fingering weight yarn!"

I didn't have enough of the colors I wanted to use for Butterfly 2, though, and I successfully resisted buying more yarn and adding to my Enormo-Stash--you know, the Stash that Ate Los Angeles?

And then, well, by the thousandth wrap and turn, I admit I was getting a little sick of it.

But once it was blocked, and enough time passed, I started thinking of knitting another.

I have a nice gradient yarn that would look gorgeous, but as I said, I didn't have enough.

I knew my friend Elisa had a skein of the same yarn, however, and I offered to buy it, since she hadn't used hers yet, and lo and behold, she GAVE it to me!!!!  I mean, GAVE.  Sorry, didn't mean to shout, but y'know, it's really nice yarn, meaning it ain't cheap, and it's pretty, and she just GAVE it to me.  I knew she was a good friend, but this is ridiculous!

So, now I simply have to make this again, don't I?  If you are drawn to it, click here for the pattern.  Not free, but worth the money.  Lots of pics, line-by-line directions, and so fun to watch the butterfly emerge from it's yarn-ball cocoon.

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