Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mug Rugs or Coasters?

Back in January, I found a small piece of fabric on our Treasure Table at the Guild that looked like it would be great throwaway demo fabric for when I taught some of my fellow quilters how to do English Paper Piecing (EPP).  I wanted to use something I didn't love so much that I would weep uncontrollably if I screwed it up.

I wish I had taken a photo of it before I started butchering it, but here it is, partially dismembered.

I started liking how the motifs were turning out, and I thought of doing a wall hanging, perhaps, scattering them about like stars on a New Mexico night.

After intensive experimentation for at least 20 minutes, I decided I didn't love that idea.

So I decided to make coasters instead.  Having done intensive research for almost 30 seconds on the difference between mug rugs and coasters, I am calling these "coasters" even though "mug rug" is much more fun to say.

Apparently, size matters.  Mug rugs, it seems, are large enough for your mug and perhaps a snack, whereas a coaster is just for your beverage.  So some say.

Don't ask how long these took to make.  Lots of hand sewing.  Utterly insane, but really fun.  I promise I quilted them on the machine, at least!

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