Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Guild Show Vortex

Preparations are underway for our Quilt Guild show in the fall.  I plan to participate in the boutique, and to help as a scribe on judging day.

We're already putting together gift baskets to raffle off for fundraising, and we're going to be doing some 10-inch by 10-inch mini-quilts for that as well.

Not every guild member has to make one.  That would give us over 200 mini-quilts!  Yikes!

But once I heard about it, I was tempted.  I had just finished making this, and I was thinking, it's the perfect size.  But it was a lot of work to make that cat in the middle.  Do I really want to give it away?  Hm.

The answer to that keeps sounding suspiciously like, "No."

As in, "No, not in a million years, are you kidding?!"

So I thought, I'll just make another type of block, a really simple one, and donate that.

I put this together in two or three hours, thinking, "I'm using up all these scraps, isn't this great?"

Well, dang it, it is great, and I like it too much!  Can I bear to part with it?  Or do I want to make a bunch more and make at least a lap-sized quilt?!

The answer is veering towards, yes, make more blocks!

Meanwhile, every month, the guild has a Block of the Month (BOM) challenge.  For every block you make, you put your name into the basket, and then there's a drawing, and you can win all the blocks.  I don't always participate, but since my friend Elisa was going to do it, her enthusiasm sucked me into that vortex as well.   Plus, we love the name of this pattern:  Contrary Wife.  Who can resist?

This block is for the month of May, really easy to make.  And I used up more scraps!

I also got inspired to make a bunch more out of charity fabric, so when that's done, I really will donate it.  I promise.

I mean, it's their fabric.  Even greedy little fabricaholic me can't condone keeping something made from charity fabric!


  1. That second mini quilt is gorgeous!! Definitely need to keep it . . . Or give it to me . . .🤣

  2. I love the color pattern and scheme you chose for your second quilt. Thanks for the share, keep up the posts. Love checking out your blog, have a nice rest of your week.
    World of Animals


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