Friday, May 25, 2018

The Perils of Pinning

My dining room table is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  Not only is it an attractive white tile, it doubles as a desk--no, triples as desk and quilting station.

The problem is, as I have begun to make larger quilt tops in an effort to tame The Wild Stash of the West, it's difficult to pin together the quilt sandwich, i.e., top, batting, and backing.  You need a flat surface.  I was taught to tape down the backing with painter's tape, for starters.  It's impossible to tape it properly when you haven't got a large enough surface to which to tape.

I thought I did a good job sandwiching this project, only to discover myriad bumpy billowy spots on the back that were sure to turn into tucks once I started sewing the sandwich together.

So, having spent quite a bit of time pinning it in the first place, did I spend quite a bit of time taking out all those pins, and redoing it a little at a time?  Yes!

I taped one end down, then weighted the other side (actually the middle of the quilt) with some heavy objects and hoped for the best.

Then did the center section, and so on.

When I was done, the back still looked a bit bumpy, but not nearly as bad as before, believe it or not.  And it came out just fine!  I'll post the pics of the finished quilt soon.

One quilting friend suggests "sandwiching" on the carpet using T-pins such as we use for blocking our knitting projects (see here for more on that).

I gave that a shot but the pins didn't seem to stay put.

Another has offered use of her hardwood floor, and I am taking her up on it for my next large project.  Luckily I have kneepads, but I'm a little concerned about my poor back.

And maybe you can see all those pins!

I watched a video on how to use basting spray instead of pins, but for a large quilt, the technique required two people, and again, a large enough flat surface.  So it may be my friend's floor and basting spray for the next big quilt.  Having the right tools is so important.  And having friends--crucial!

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