Tuesday, July 3, 2018

New Pattern: Easy Eyelet Cowl

I had some of Koryn's handspun yarn leftover from the cowl I knitted a few weeks ago, so I designed another simple cowl in order to use up the yarn.

I am really going shopping in my stash these days.

This was so easy and fun to make, I decided to do another with some superbulky yarn which I handspun (the lighter blue one.)

This yarn has been hanging around, in a basket full of things I've handspun, for something like six years.  It is one of the first things I spun.

It was interesting to knit with it.  How's that for faint praise?  It is a novelty yarn, in that it is thicker in some places than others.  Which was not necessarily my intention, obviously!  I spin much more consistently these days.  But I still like how it turned out.  It has bits of silk roving, alpaca, and angelica (shiny!) mixed in with the wool.

Anyway, this gave me two cowl patterns in one.

Finished sizes:
Aran Weight: 6”W x 27” circumference
Superbulky:  5.5”W x 40” circumference

Skill level:  Easy Intermediate (or Advanced Beginner, if you prefer!)

If you're fairly new to knitting but are already comfy with knitting and purling, and are ready to add a smidgen of a new technique or two, this pattern is perfect.

To purchase the PDF on Ravelry, click here.
To purchase the PDF on Etsy, click here.

Happy knitting!

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