Saturday, August 4, 2018

Starflower Scarf

I've been playing with my Starflower crochet pattern (which you can buy if you click here.)  The pattern is for the block only;  you can make a blanket, a stole, a scarf, or whatever you like with the blocks.

I was going to make a throw, but didn't have enough of all the colors, and I realized one block with sport weight yarn was 6" wide, perfect for a scarf.

I crocheted ten blocks together, did a nice little reverse single crochet (a.k.a. crab stitch) border, and this is the result.  A nice light scarf for fall, which can't get here soon enough, imo!  Have I mentioned how hot it is here?  This is not normal!  I'm afraid it's the new normal, though.

Soon we won't need scarves at all, or shawls, or blankets, and then what to do with our yarn stashes???  Just kidding, I'll keep knitting and crocheting regardless.

P.S. I just want to mention that Blogger has quit forwarding comments to my email, so if you have commented anywhere on my blog, and I haven't responded to you, it's because I haven't seen your comment yet.  But I will find it!  Eventually.  I hope.

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