Saturday, September 1, 2018

New Pattern: Light in the Window Infinity Scarf

I wanted to design something lightweight, quick to crochet, and relatively simple for fall.  Behold the "Light in the Window Infinity Scarf" (or cowl).

I used Extravagance yarn from Hearthside Fibers--you know I never get tired of that yarn!

The colorway is "Spice"--and I know my friend Elisa will tease me endlessly because it's orange.

For those of you who have not read every single one of my blog entries, you may not know that I used to not particularly like orange.  I could go for the occasional burnt sienna, but a bright, fruity orange was not happening in my stash.

How times have changed.  It's just so great for complementing other colors!

Besides, "Spice" is very spicy-looking, sort of a mix of paprika and cayenne, with a dash of turmeric.

I know each of these pictures has a different shade due to the lighting and background when I took the pics, but the deeper spice is the truer color, at least on my computer screen.

I now hoard every scrap of orange-related fabric I can find, and I've been knitting and crocheting with various oranges, and the only bad thing about that is, once you use it, it's gone!  I cannot have my orange and eat it too, alas.

Anyhow, to buy the "Light in the Window" pattern on Etsy, click here.
To buy it on Ravelry, click here.

Happy crocheting!

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