Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Quilt Show Boutique

Here are "before" pictures of my display table in the boutique at the quilt show this past weekend.

When I got there to set up, I saw I had mistakenly reserved only half a table.  I had enough items for two tables!

Luckily, fellow guild members came to the rescue and reorganized some smaller displays so that I could have a full table, right by the entrance to the boutique, no less.

I am so grateful!

Everything looks a bit jumbled, but I rearranged and re-rearranged throughout both days, so sometimes it actually looked appealing.

I was too rushed to take an "after" picture, but I did sell quite a few items and I'm pleased.

I also did some shopping, yet I am happy to report that I actually made more money than I spent!  It's a first!!!

I got the lovely purple and gold fabric from the Patti Cakes Quilt Shop booth, and the thread set, plus an extra spool, a major (but discounted!) purchase from Private Source Quilting.

Not shown?  Ten yards of white on white fabric for 3.95 a yard, also from Private Source.  That fabric is on a bolt and it has already been absorbed into the stash in my closet.  Yes, as a quilter, I have graduated slowly from buying fat quarters to half-yard cuts to entire bolts of fabric.  But look at all the money I saved!  (Fabric, for those of you who don't know, usually costs around three times as much per yard.)

As I write this, I'm getting the feeling I'm more excited by what I bought than what I sold.  This can't be good!

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