Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Not Forgotten

Back in August, I dropped off a few knitted and crocheted items to a local church that was collecting things to take to children who have been detained at the border.  I have promised myself not to get political on this blog, but taking children from their families?!?  It's insane and cruel.

Lately, I've been caught up in making my own projects, including challenge quilts for the Guild and Fibervision, but I haven't forgotten about making things to donate.

In the back of my mind I keep hearing whispers from the boxes full of fabric I've had for ages, from the Quilting Angels charity and our guild's Community Quilts.

The whispers get louder sometimes, and eventually can't be ignored.  And frankly, I need the storage boxes for my own ever-growing stash.  Let's get real, my motives are a good deal selfish.

So I decided, from now on until the charity fabric is gone, I am going to work on a charity quilt on every holiday.

Here's the top I did over the Veterans' Day weekend.  I've sent it on to the Quilting Angels, along with  a backing I made for it as well, and the last of the Angels' fabric, including scraps from quilts I've already made for them in the past.

I'd hoped to do something nicer with the Beatles fabric, but by the time I got around to it, I didn't have the patience anymore.

I did an ersatz version of the Jelly Roll Race quilt for the side panel, with 4.5" strips instead of 2.5."

At least it was fast!

On to the Community Quilts fabric:  I made this one over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Let's hear it for that panel in the middle.  I was not going to get fancy at this stage.  I plopped the panel onto some batting, made a quick backing, did stitch-and-flip borders right onto the whole sandwich, and then quilted a giant spiral.  I'll be turning this in at the next Guild meeting I attend.

Is it a bit garish?  Yes, but not as bad as the Beatles quilt!  I feel I owe an apology to Beatles fans, including myself, for that quilt top.

I'm planning a real Jelly Roll Race for the next charity quilt, and I've already made my own jelly roll from Community Quilts fabric.  I'm ready to roll!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Workshop Wonders

I've been pretty quiet on the blog lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy making all manner of shawls, quilts, and wall-hangings.  I took a couple of quilt guild workshops, one from Sue Rasmussen on curved flying geese.  She's a great teacher, I love the sample I made, and I hope to make more of these.

I've made a few curved flying geese before using directions in the book Flying Colors by Gail Garber.  Slightly different techniques, and I love the book, but there's nothing like a live teacher, in person, who can give you great tips for saving time, accuracy in piecing, and so much more.

I also took a workshop from Irelle Beattie, using her Not So Twin Strips pattern.  She's taking a break from her Etsy shop at the moment, but at some point, you may be able to buy the pattern there at JibberishDesigns.  Here's the layout as I was playing with it a couple of weeks ago.  

Changes have been made, but I'm almost done sewing the top together.  Another super fun technique!