Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A for Effort

Keeping true to my word to work on charity projects on each holiday, I managed to finish the jelly roll race quilt top (just the top, so far).

Luckily, there are eight days for Chanukah!  A migraine headache slowed me down, but I rallied just in time.

Below is what the first pass looks like, all smushed up after sewing all those strips together, short end to short end.

Here are the fabrics I chose for the Christmas Day project.  A couple of them are left over from the previous quilt top.

I saved this ad from a quilting magazine awhile back because I liked the design.  This seemed like the perfect time to make it.  I decided what size I wanted the finished blocks to be and drew them out on graph paper.

That helped me figure out what size to cut each piece.

I got a head start on cutting the fabric a day or two before the Big Day, and would have gotten more sewn yesterday except--guess what?!  I got another migraine.

Maybe these projects are causing me too much stress!  I detect a pattern here.  If I get another migraine on New Year's, I might have to rethink this.  I never have liked deadlines.

Anyway, it's up on the design wall, with just a few more seams to sew.  I might quilt this one myself, so I will make a backing for it at least.

A word about the fabrics:  these were all donated to the Guild for charity projects, and though they are pretty, many of them are poor quality.  Really thin, hard to work with because they want to stretch out of shape no matter how careful I was to cut along the grain and pin before sewing.  So...unless you are on a super tight budget, do not buy cheap fabric!!  It might cost you in migraines.

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