Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Last month, our guild collected 10.5 inch square quilt blocks in the shape of houses to send to a quilt shop in Northern California.  These will be made into quilts to give away to people who lost their homes in the fires last year.

I made five--they're laid out on my cutting mat in the photo.

I searched for patterns that would come out to just the right size, and ended up changing a few measurements and otherwise tweaking things to make a simple pattern using 2.5" strips or squares of fabric for every section.

Easy!  And stash-busting.   I also omitted chimneys.  I decided under the circumstances that anything even remotely hinting of fire was undesirable, and considering I am also lazy, well, that clinched my decision.  My blocks aren't as cute or detailed as some of the others that were donated, but at least mine have playful cats in the windows.  One is even dressed as a ballerina!