Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Experimental Shawl

I finally finished this thing.  Thought I would never be done.

I was experimenting with three different stitch patterns, hoping it would become a pattern I might like to publish.

And I don't like to publish it, no, I do not, because the third pattern is way more complicated when doing increases in a triangle shape than I want to bother writing.  Call me lazy.  Call me a quitter.  Hurl all the epithets you want, I am moving on to another project!

I also would've done less of the third pattern and more of the second band of the first pattern (if that makes any sense) had I really been planning ahead, but I was just messing around, and the shawl got big enough that it seemed silly to keep going.

So I let myself off the hook--or the needles--and I'm calling it "done."

As my friend Elisa says, "Better done than perfect."

Friday, July 19, 2019

Birch Trees

For a long time I've had this modern, easy quilt project in my queue.  I thought it would be a great way to use up scraps.  And it is!

It's a pattern I found at "crazy mom quilts," but I just tried to find you the link, and it no longer exists.  At least I can't find the webpage today, with my limited tech skills.

I made my top with fewer blocks because I plan to quilt it myself--someday.

I'm not usually great at the "random fabric selection" concept, but for those scrappy strips, anything looks good.  You really can't go wrong!