Thursday, November 21, 2019

Tuck Me In Again

In my journey through my earlier designs, here's one that's easy enough for me to do even at a knit night.  I used two balls of good old James C. Brett Marble Chunky yarn, and got a nice baby blanket measuring 36" x 42".  I used #10 circular needles, and cast on 93 stitches to get started.  I used up most of the yarn, but had enough left over to do a simple crocheted border.

This pattern is so fun, I’m making another using worsted weight yarn.  Below is a close-up of where to poke your needle for the Tuck Stitch.

It’s the second “hole” below the stitch that’s on your left needle.

In the Tuck Stitch rows, you’ll be purling mostly, so when you get ready to tuck, don’t forget to put your yarn in back of your work.  Then poke your right needle in, and knit as you normally would.

The stitches on the left needle may look like they’re going to fall off, but they will be caught safely by your new stitch.  Then put your yarn in front again to continue purling as directed in the pattern.

Have fun!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Experimental Birds

I and my friend E. invested in the Mini-Curve ruler and the book that goes with it.  We got together to experiment, naturally choosing one of the more difficult patterns in the book, featuring birds with clever little beaks, because we clearly were not thinking clearly.

She made more birds and ended up with a decent sized wall-hanging, but I wasn't sure I wanted to invest the time, and only made two birds, with a rather unfinished looking plant on the side.  I was going to add a worm, but haven't gotten around to it.

I did, however, start making another pattern in the same book, that has lovely lanterns.  I've finished the main piecing and am almost done adding borders.  So the points don't quite match.  Who cares?  Definitely not me.  I'm not entering it for judging in a quilt show, for heaven's sake!

I will post a pic of the finished lap quilt in due course.