Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Holden Shawlette

I actually finished this project a few weeks ago, but I  let it gestate for awhile, i.e., I procrastinated until I finally got around to blocking it.

Then I let it gestate again, until I finally took photos, and then I let those gestate for awhile, being busy with other things, but fully intending to blog about this clever little shawlette eventually.

Who knew the gestation period of a simple shawlette was akin to that of an elephant?  You heard it here first.

The pattern is the Holden Shawlette, by Mindy Wilkes, and it is the project I traveled with back in 2018, thinking it would be easy and compact enough for the trip.  Which it was, really, except I created some problems for myself (you can read about them here), and I had to do a lot of frogging.

Totally my fault, not the fault of the designer.

Once I got going on the right needles, it was a simple stockinette for many rows, and even the lace portion was not mind-boggling.

I highly recommend the pattern.  She has revised it so you can make it a full-sized shawl, if you want.  Even at full size, I bet you can "gestate" it faster than I did the little one!